Our Ergonomic Story

The original 'flex' thumb ring design used in all Flex 360 ergonomic shears was first conceptualized by Bill Brenton of Chama, New Mexico.  Before his death in 2008, Bill dedicated the last 25 years of his life to ergonomic shear and blade design.  He was a certified master sharpener and a stylist, and he made custom shears for over 20 years.  He possessed an intense passion to achieve the perfect combination of comfort and quality in hair-cutting shear design.  And although Bill is no longer with us, his spirit remains strong at Flex 360 Shear Systems.


After some of his initial designs were completed, Bill Brenton later teamed with Murray Roth of Madisonville, Louisiana to perfect the Flex 360 ergonomic design.  Murray has been a stylist for over 30 years, and has experience in all areas of the beauty industry.  In addition to his long tenure as a stylist, he has been a platform artist, school owner and has owned distributorships for different products in the beauty industry.  Together, the two spent many years developing the perfect ergonomic shear which is now the patented Flex 360 product.


Today, Flex 360 Shear Systems is a Roth Family business operated by Murray Roth and his son, Murray Jr. - an attorney and businessman in Louisiana.  The home base of Flex 360 is located in Madisonville, Louisiana, USA (approximately 30 miles north of New Orleans), and Flex 360 products are presently sold throughout the United States and abroad.

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